Why La-Z-Boy furniture should be the only choice for your home

La-Z-Boy, known to some as Lazy Boy, is renowned for being one of America’s longest-serving and reputable manufacturers of high quality and unbelievably comfortable furniture.

Coming a long way from the days of the standard La-Z-Boy chairs, the company’s top furniture picks nowadays range from luxurious reclinerchairs to spacious La-Z-Boy settees. With such a diverse range of products, there is no reason why La-Z-Boy products shouldn’t be your ideal furniture solution.

If you needed any more convincing, here are the three main reasons why La-Z-Boy furniture should be the only choice for your home.

walmsley furnishing

walmsley furnishing

Supreme Comfort

One of thelzb-main-header_2[1] best things about La-Z-Boy Recliners and Lazy Boy sofas, are that they offer consumers comfort like no other furniture pieces on the market today.

It’s the comfort of these products which made La-Z-Boy products so immensely popular back in the early 1900s, and up until the present the day, this innovative and unique furniture brand have continued to model their products in a similar fashion whilst taking them up a level at the same time.

Nowadays, as the La-Z-Boy brand continues to come up with new developments, their furniture pieces come accustom with different handle products, slouch mechanisms and footrests to ensure that consumers are receiving the ultimate relaxation experience.

A healthier you

When you envision La-Z-Boy products you tend to think of comfort, rest and laziness, however the furniture that they produce works wonders when it comes to enhanced productivity.

Most chairs will require you to sit upright, which isn’t ideal if you’re looking to take a time out and have a quick snooze.There are certain health issues that can be caused by sleeping in armchair including fatigue, extreme back pain and sleep apnea. Due to the fact that recliner furniture allows you tolie flat on your back, then there is hardly any difference between sleeping in your recliner chair and sleeping in your actual bed.

Resting on La-Z-Boy settees can really help you too, especially for those of you suffering from back pain. These furniture pieces have extra padding and provide you with the luxury of sleeping flat on your back in the same way that their recliners do. Due to how spacious they are, changing positions during your sleep will become a thing of the past.

On the topic of enhanced productivity, by being free of these health issues, you will realise that you can be more productive than usual. Rather than feeling fatiguedyou will feel invigorated and will have no issues getting through the working day.

Elegant designs

When it comes to choosing any piece of furniture, it’s important that it’s fitting of your homes aesthetics. It’s clear that Lazy-Boy products have made their name for their functionality and comfort, but sometimes the designs of these products don’t earn the credit they deserve.

The quality of the materials used is so high, with the most recognisable La-Z-Boy products being made from thickest and softest fabrics and leathers. There are an extensive range of colour schemes per design too, meaning that they’re able to match the décorof any living room.

With relaxation, pain relief and style a guarantee, La-Z-Boy furniture from AHF is ideal for all homes!